Go Fish Monte
By Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Build a deck filled with "packet" tricks, routined together around the theme of Go Fish.

Qua-Fiki got the idea for his Go Fish Deck from Tommy Wonder's Tamed Wild Card in which Tommy has a perfectly good reason for carrying his special "collection" around in a separate wallet of its own. Qua-Fiki just made the wallet bigger and turned it into a full deck of playing cards. The Go Fish theme appeals to kids as well as adults, and teens are just blown away by the magic.

The first effect in this series is Qua-Fiki's favorite, a variation of Jim Temple's Color Monte in which the swindler is the smallest kid in kindergarten who takes your money using cards from an oversized deck of Go Fish playing cards. Qua-Fiki's version starts off by showing the faces of all three cards, One Red Fish and Two Blue Fish... just like in the kindergarten book by Dr. Seuss? Only Dr. Seuss never encountered the "wotten widdle kid" who can fleece you out of your lunch money.

The e-Book contains templates for printing out the special Go Fish Cards, along with instructions for making the cards and performing with them. This then makes the first packet of cards to begin your collection of Go Fish Cards to drop into your Go Fish Card Box (the last effect in the series shows you how to make the Box and use it in a variety of tricks).



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