Go Fish Card Tricks
By Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

This is a series of card effects that Qua-Fiki has been working on for some time. He loves packet effects like Color Monte and Wild Card and has worked out new variations so they can be performed and routined together with this special deck of Go Fish cards instead of standing isolated, each with its little plastic wallet.

Build a deck filled with former "packet" tricks, routined together around the theme of Go Fish.

Qua-Fiki got the idea from Tommy Wonder's Tamed Wild Card in which Tommy has a perfectly good reason for carrying his special "collection" around in a separate wallet of its own. Qua-Fiki just made the wallet bigger and turned it into a full deck of playing cards. Besides carrying Qua Fiki's Wild Fish, the deck also contains (and routines together) his Go Fish Monte and Go Fish Derby plus a few other gems like Flying Fish, and Mind Control. The Go Fish theme appeals to kids as well as adults, and teens are just blown away by the magic. As you complete printing out each of the tricks, add them to your Box of Go Fish Cards. The Box is not just a container for the cards, but also has some secrets of its own.

It's not just Card Tricks! Make this bowl of water and goldfish appear in the middle of nowhere as a finale for Go Fish Derby!

The Twelve Chapters of Go Fish Tricks

Go Fish Monte
Go Wild Fish
Go Fish Derby
Go Fish Mind Control
Sharky and His Gang
Fly Fishing
Flying Fish
Fish Fry
School Fish
Go Fish Box Effects
No Fishing-Go Fishing

This e-Book contains twelve chapters of Qua-Fiki's best tricks for his Go Fish Deck, plus a few bonuses scattered around. Each of the individual e-Books contains instructions on how to print and make your own Go Fish Cards using your computer printer and Qua-Fiki's templates. He even shows you how to make a box for the cards using a special template, and the special box hides the secret for some of the effects while giving you a place to store your growing collection of packets. The eleventh chapter of the book will give you a whole new way to look at card boxes, not only for your Go Fish Card Box, but for all playing card boxes.

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