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This is a collection of Magic Story Book Stories that uses the new principle I introduced in my Super Hero Magic Storybook which is now item number 1 of this collection. As you can see, this collection opens up the Storybook idea to many more uses. Each e-Book is complete and contains all the information and templates you need to make and perform with each different storybook. Yet each e-Book also contains new principles and ideas for making more advanced uses of the storybook to enhance both your magic and the storytelling experience.



The Magic Storybook

This is where Qua-Fiki's The Magic Storybook effect began. It was originally included in Qua-Fiki's Super Hero Magic Book 2, but it has taken on a life of its own and so it has been moved to a book of its own. Spellbinder

My Magic Storybook is all about Super Heroes, but there is no reason why you can't make a Magic Storybook about almost anything; Animals, Clowns, Cartoon Characters, Robots, and so on. One thing the Magic Storybook is NOT; it is NOT the coloring book in another disguise. The effect and the method of operation are completely different.

At the beginning, the book is completely blank and empty. A set of picture playing cards on your theme is shuffled by someone from the audience, then cards are drawn one by one from the top of the deck. As each card is chosen and shown, a page suddenly appears in the Magic Storybook. On the page is a picture matching the one on the card chosen, and the text of a story which is then read aloud to the audience. Each time a new card is chosen, a new page of the story appears. By the time a "The End" card is chosen (which ends the story) the book is filled with colorful pages and a complete story. If you wish, the book can then be presented to the librarian, a teacher, or the birthday family for them to read again and again as a reminder of the magic contained in storybooks. If you wish, the story can be different each time you present the trick, so that no two storybooks are exactly alike.



The Halloween Magic Storybook

Halloween is a great time of the year for both magic and stories, and my Halloween Magic Storybook has both. Cards depicting Halloween characters/monsters are drawn from a cauldron (pumpkin, trick or treat bag, etc.). As the card is selected, a new page suddenly appears in the Magic Storybook, telling how the character fits into the story that seems to write itself each time a new card is chosen. It can make use of many helpers from the audience. At the end, roll the book up and a stream of wrapped candies or small toys pours forth into the hands of your helpers. The book can be given to one of the helpers at the end, or donated to the school library, etc.



The Christmas Magic Storybook

This time the magic and the story are all about Christmas. The characters in the story decide it's time to give Santa Claus a Christmas present, but what? At the end of the story, which we won't give away here, the Magic Storybook is opened one last time to reveal a large Christmas Tree. Then it is formed into a cone and presents are produced for all of the kids who helped to tell the story. New principles are introduced to make it possible to select the characters for the story from Christmas Cards instead of playing cards.



The Circus Magic Storybook

The Circus can also be a magical place, and in this version, the Magic Storybook tells the story of an exciting and surprising day at the circus. One of the characters even jumps out of the book to appear in an unexpected place. New ways to select the characters are introduced for this effect.



The MAGIC Magic Storybook

This version of the Magic Storybook was inspired by a creation of Leslie P. Guest as described in The Tarbell Course in Magic, Volume 7. I doubt anyone else is currently using Guest's idea of a "Do It Yourself Book of Magic," because it ended with just the one single silk production effect. Qua-Fiki's version has The MAGIC Magic Storybook make trick after trick appear, and the props either are produced from the pages of the book, or are cut out and formed on the spot. If you decide you want to give this book away at the end, you first have to restore it to its original uncut-up condition, which is yet another magic trick. This is the first of Qua-Fiki's Magic Storybooks that does not use any forces to determine the order of the tricks that appear one by one within its pages.



The Magic Birthday Storybook

The Magic Birthday Storybook is all about the birthday child and his or her friends. Following Qua-Fiki's directions, you prepare the book beforehand using photographs supplied by the parents who are in on the secret. Of course they won't know how the photos will magically appear in your Storybook, but you can imagine the delight on the kids' faces when you begin reading a Storybook about a birthday party, and their photos begin appearing on each page, one by one. You can also include photos of moms and dads, and of course the birthday magician...YOU! At the end, The Magic Birthday Storybook is presented to the family of the birthday child to share with family and friends. If the other kids' families want a copy of their own, well, they can always hire you to appear at their child's birthday party! Requires the ability to scan and print photos to create the book from Qua-Fiki's templates.


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