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Go Fish Monte

A variation of Jim Temple's Color Monte in which the swindler is the smallest kid in kindergarten who takes your money using cards from an oversized deck of Go Fish playing cards. Qua-Fiki's version starts off by showing the faces of all three cards, One Red Fish and Two Blue Fish... just like in the kindergarten book by Dr. Seuss? Only Dr. Seuss never encountered the "wotten widdle kid" who can fleece you out of your lunch money.



Go Wild Fish!

You can use the Go Fish Cards to perform any of Peter Kane’s Wild Card routines (or Wild Card variations by others), but Qua-Fiki likes to use it as a follow up to Go Fish Monte to “explain” how the little kid was able to fool him, by using a certain “fishtail” movement to change the cards from Blue to Red.



Go Fish Derby

This is one of Qua-Fiki's original ideas, not based on any previous packet tricks. Using a toy fish pole, which has a magnet on a string, kids fish for colored fish cards from a plastic tray “pond.” They are all trying to get the “BIG” fish, but only succeed in getting the smaller colored fish. The performer has predicted every color fish chosen in advance but the BIG fish always gets away – it changes to a card showing a dangling hook and a worm. As an optional finale, the performer may make a small fish bowl containing a live goldfish appear in the middle of the pond.



Go Fish Mind Control

Based on the old “Mind Control” card trick, here is Qua-Fiki's version of the old classic performed with his Go Fish Cards. The magician shows seven cards with seven different colored fish. The spectator chooses one of the cards at random and the magician is able to prove that he made the spectator choose that particular color fish by means of his "Mind Control."



Sharkey and His Gang

The magician tells the story (and shows the cards) of Sharkey and his gang of Red Fish. The story is anti-gang and anti-bullying without being preachy. The Go Fish Card Effect combines an advanced version of the Four Card Monte (using some sleight of hand) with a Four Card Repeat based on Ed Marlo's six card repeat handling.



Fly Fishing

It’s very easy to convert Qua-Fiki's toy (or any other home made) fishing rod to catch a fish card from the air. But he also shows you how to convert a Dollar Store butterfly net into a fish card catcher, and a see-thru plastic beach bucket into a collecting pail for all the fish you catch!



Flying Fish

This is a variation of The Sharpshooter Card Trick with no mention of a gun or a bullet hole, which many parents and performers find objectionable. This makes it ideal for use in school shows or kid shows. The selected fish is turned magically into a “Flying Fish” and simply comes flying up and out of the deck that has been sealed with rubber bands. Of course, it's up to you and the kids to give the little fish some flying lessons, first!



Fish Fry

OK, I’ve been avoiding this one long enough. It’s time to cook up one of these fish cards and see how they taste. But the fish chosen has plans of its own.




This chapter is all about people catching fish, and fish catching fish. It contains ideas from Edwin Hooper, Shiego Futagawa, and Al Cohen, but all have been given that Qua-Fiki twist.



School Fish

This e-Book has several routines where individual fish eventually gather together into schools. "Widdle Fithies" is based on Larry West's Eight-Ball. "Fish Families" is based on Martin Lewis' Rabbit Test. Go Fish Blendo is a Qua-Fiki original. All have been given the Qua-Fiki tweak.



Go Fish Card Boxes

Regular Card Box templates are included with each of the above individual chapters when sold separately so you will have a place to collect the various packets that make up a complete deck of Go Fish Cards.

This chapter gives you even more card box templates and explains even more effects that you can perform by making special versions of the Go Fish Card Box. You can also use these same ideas with any playing card boxes to make, for example, a deck switching box, boxes to add or remove cards from a deck, boxes to merge card magic with kid show effects, merging card magic with silk magic, and more. Caution: you may never think of a card box as just a container for cards anymore!



No Fishing - Go Fishing

This is a last minute chapter addition to the e-Book, based on the effect “Invisible Wand” by Larry West, Al Cohen and Shigeo Futagawa. Here is my Go Fish variation with a lot of help from everyone here at The Magic Nook and in The Wiz Kids.

Effect: Seven cards are shown to be blank on both sides. One of the cards is said to be a magic card. It is waved over another blank card and when the card is turned over, it now contains a sign which says, “No Fishing!” With a second wave of the wand, the “N” changes to a “G” so the sign now reads “Go Fishing!” and then the magic begins to affect all the other blank cards. Each blank card is turned over and is shown to now contain a picture of different colored fish. Finally, the blank card you have been waving in the air is turned over and reveals the name of the world’s greatest fisherman… you!



Go Fish Card Tricks

This is the complete series of card effects that Qua-Fiki has been working on for some time. He loves packet effects like Color Monte and Wild Card and has worked out new variations so they can be performed and routined together with this special deck of Go Fish cards instead of standing isolated, each with its little plastic wallet. Being Qua-Fiki, he then started coming up with NEW packet effects for use with his Go Fish cards.

This e-Book contains twelve + of Qua-Fiki's best tricks for his Go Fish Deck, plus a few bonuses scattered around. Each of the individual e-Books contains instructions on how to print and make your own Go Fish Cards using your computer printer and Qua-Fiki's templates.


Card Template FLASH DRIVE

The CD is now obsolete. You can still get all the templates to print out the Go Fish cards in three sizes: small card (2.5" x 3.5"), large (3.5 " x 5 ") and ultra jumbo 8" x 10" (which makes cards 8.5" by 11") on a USB FLASH DRIVE. There are NO instructions included- just images organized into folders. The instructions for the effects and for printing the templates are in QF01-00, the Complete Go Fish Card Tricks e-Book ($50.00). Only purchasers of that e-Book or the Lulu.com printed book will be permitted to buy the companion FLASH DRIVE. Purchasers of the individual e-Books can make do with the images included in the pdf files for small and large cards (no ultra jumbo templates are included in any of the e-Book pdf files).


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Go Fish Card Tricks - in Print!

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