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Clown Clones

A JUMBO Variation of Michael Close’s Close’s Clones
by Jim Gerrish

By permission of Michael Close:

The basic premise: Nine cards are shown to be blank on both sides. Then, one by one, clown faces appear on the blank cards. Then multiple clowns begin appearing until the last card is filled with a crowd of clowns. The spectators look up and you, too, seem to be turning into a clown, red nose and all! Jim's version is made to perform with Super Jumbo Cards (8.5" x 11") and five children (or adult) helpers who each have an "inner clown" hiding inside.

Includes instructions for printing and assembling super jumbo cards on your computer and printer, in both 5x7 inch size and the larger Super Jumbo size seen above. High quality jpg templates are available, or make your own designs from clowns to super heroes to animals to who knows what?

As a prelude to this effect, consider Clown Phobia, from The Wizards' Journal #30, which also can use the same five spectators.

In the video below, Qua-Fiki gives you just the basic effect of Clown Clones which you can expand with your own jokes and bits of clowny business.

Clown Clone from Alquadir Marsh on Vimeo.



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