Cards Across Variations

by Professor Spellbinder

There are two main types of “Cards Across.” One form is “Cards to Pocket” in which some cards disappear from your hand, apparently skitter up your sleeve, across your body, and end up in your pocket, or some variation on that theme. The other is usually in the form of cards in two sealed envelopes or boxes, in which cards disappear from one and end up in the other. This e-Book studies methods used in the past and comes up with some new variations for the present.

While both forms can be entertaining, given the right type of presentation, both are magically flawed, as I will try to explain at the end of this e-Book. But first, I give you models and examples from the past, from Harlan Tarbell, U.F. Grant, Michael Zens, Paul Le Paul, with my own (ahem!) improvements and tweaks to give it that Wizard touch of which I am so fond.

Most of these effects can be followed by one of the Diminishing Card routines given in the previous chapter, as a way of explaining how the cards manage to get across without seeing them go (they shrink down to atom size and that makes it very easy!).

Qua-Fiki demonstrates one of the methods found in the E-Book.



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