Whiteboard Citation for Mentalists
By Professor Spellbinder

Just in case you’re not familiar with U.F. Grant’s Streamlined version of Citation, it was a variation of Hen Fetsch’s Mental Epic that shrank the board to half its size. The predictions are made on one side of the board and the events as they happen or items as they are chosen are written on the other side of the board.

As in the Hen Fetsch original, one item is forced and the other two are freely chosen. The original was a chalkboard, but Citation can take on new life if you convert it into a whiteboard and write on it with dry erase markers. I’ll show you how to make several versions, including a Dollar Store version made for under $5.00, and the original Grant Citation which predated Hen Fetsch's Mental Epic by a couple of years... yes, Grant invented the concept FIRST!

There is a version of Citation described in the e-Book "Mind Reading Puppets" in The Wizards' Journal #18, but this e-Book is meant for the serious Mental Magician who wants to perform it as a serious mental effect of reading minds and making predictions of events that have not yet happened. However, the Puppet Version has an addendum by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki that serious mentalists might want to investigate; he has worked out a way to perform Citation with absolutely no forcing needed. There is also a video you can see for FREE.

I am grateful to Paul Romhany for including my personal routine for Citation in his recently published (2010) "Mental Epic Compendium." It is an honor to be included among the contributors for that vast volume of Mental Epic routines. You'll still need this e-Book for construction details, plus all of the other bonus goodies that it contains.


Whiteboard Citation for Mentalists


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