Space Thought Revisited
by Professor Spellbinder

This is another U.F. Grant idea from the 1950's, which has been brought up-to-date by making it available for whiteboard instead of blackboard, as well as by tweaking other aspects of the original effect. Grant usually came up with clever names for his products, but the name Space Thought doesn't give you even a clue as to the effect or its potential.

It is a clever way to force a jumbo playing card for stage mentalism. It is not limited to working with playing cards and making predictions about which one will be freely chosen from a shuffled pack, but it can also force numbers, ESP symbols, photos of celebrities, and so on.

It is also an easy wood working project which you can make without power tools in your kitchen or workshop in a few evenings of satisfying prop construction. You can use the effects and routines provided, or use it as a tool to come up with your own routines where a force is required. Perhaps a better name would be Forced Thought, or May the Force be With You, but we'll leave it alone and let you come up with your own name. After all, it's your project.


Space Thought Revisited


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