OM Billet Box Revisited

The OM Billet Box, named after its inventor, Otis Manning, was introduced to mentalists in the 1940's by Theo. Annemann through his writings in his magazine The Jinx, and later in his book Practical Mental Magic. In this e-Book, I revisit the beginnings of this effect, and add on some of my "wizard-touches" to bring it up to date.

I explain and describe my Know by Heart Billet Box and routine, plus a deep version of the OM Billet Box that can be shown completely empty before you start, yet holds more than the standard size billet box. I also offer you some alternatives to the standard billet along with suggested routines. I also link Theo. Annemann's 1937 Phantom Artist routine to the OM Box to make something old something new again. Full-size art work available free to purchasers.

Presidents ........... Superheroes ........... Movie Stars ......... Celebrities


The cut-out art is free for all purchasers of this effect: past, present and future! These cut-out templates can also be used with my Force Field effect from The Wizards' Journal #18 and also with Phantom Artist Returns from The Wizards' Journal #36.


OM Billet Box Revisited


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