This copy of the Mecca Magic Monthly from February of 1959 was discovered in the attic by Mary Gerrish, sister of Jim Gerrish. The newspaper (one sheet, two sides) was printed by mimeograph. It was written and typed up by Jim Gerrish, who was then 17 and a senior in Orange High School. Notice the attempt to "justify" each column by hand. The mimeo reproduction is difficult to read, so beneath each page is a transcript of all the information that is on the page, re-proofed and corrected 55 years later by Jim, age 72 and a senior citizen. Better late than never, and he has finally learned how to spell February!


Mecca Magic News (Banner)
Mecca Magic Card & Gift Shop - 9 S. Harrison St. E.O. HU 3-4002
Vol. I, No. 8 - A Bi-Weekly Paper - February 21, 1959

(Headline) Ides of March Contest Deadline!

Column 1

This is our last call for entry into our contest. The closing date is March 15 - the Ides of March, and the prizes will be gift certificates that can be used in the store. Enter now. See how many words you can get from "Mecca Magic Studio". Many contestants have been asking us if it is legal to use plurals. The latest ruling is YES! But there are only a few days left to the contest so get to work! Details available at the store.

Coming up on the 24th of February is the Pyramid number 106 Ring's Auction Night. Members and visiting magicians are asked to bring some trick to swap. That's at the Irvington House February 24. Be there!

The Bernardsville magic club for Magicians and their wives who work in magic as a team, meet on the last Friday of the month. They are still inviting new members - magicians and their wives or sweethearts to join.

(Magic Square) These numbers always add up to 34 in each column in any direction.

Column 2

Just so you don't forget, our new address is 9 South Harrison Street, East Orange. Stop in and see us often!

The Mecca Magic Club will hold its first meeting in our new basement where a temporary club room will be set up just for the occasion. The meeting is on March 6th, first Friday in March, from 7:45pm to 9:00
PM. New members are invited to attend and those who would like to join can sign up almost any time.
Bring a trick to demonstrate. ALSO see Editorial section

Among the celebrities of Magic who dropped in during the past few days were John Cooper, Sandy Kartzman - escapologist, Virgil Anjoes, Bob Hanes, and Victor the Magician. Young and not so young novices can always find some noted personages in the store with whom they can talk magic and learn magic at the same time.

The Mecca Magic Card And Gift Shop is now open on Wednesday and Thursday nights 'til 9:00 PM.

* * * * * * * *

Column 3

(Drawing of "Victor the Magician" performing his Flag Blendo in front of a silhouette profile of George Washington on Feb. 22 [Washington's Birthday]. Not only did I include myself among the celebrities, I brazenly inserted a drawing of me performing my gimmickless Flag Blendo. No doubt that helped to sell a few of them at the next club meeting. Hey, I needed money for college!)

**** BOOK REVIEW ****
"Phantini's Mental Key" by Gene Grant.
Contains and explains the ultimate in Mental Magic - Practical Close-up Mental effects for every occasion. Strictly for the Mentalist, this book described all kinds of impromptu and set-up mental effects that mean so much as reputation builders. Everyone who does mentalism will want this. Also described are some good mental effects done with cards.
Published by Ed Mellon in 1956, the booklet sells for $3.00. Includes a foreword by Gene Grant.

Pocket: Houdini's Needle - $1
Club: Grant's "Visible Walking Thru Ribbon" - $3.00
Stage: "Run Rabbit Run" - $20
Mental: Band or nail writers by Haden - $1.00 each.



Vol. I, No. 8 - Mecca Magic News - February 21, 1959

Column 1

Giuseppe De Willedall Pinetti (1750 - 1800) was born in Orbetello, a small town once claimed by Tuscany. He had a good education and started his career as a teacher. However, his love of the mysterious and charlatanism led him to take up the more picturesque life of a traveling performer. He won fame in Paris, where in 1784 he appeared before the court of Louis XVI. At this time, all Europe had been aroused to a new interest in magic by Cagliostro.

In England he created the same sensation that he had in France, playing at the Haymarket in London. He went then to Germany, playing Berlin and Hamburg. After a brief return to his native Italy, he came back to Germany. From there he went to Russia in 1789, remaining there for the rest of his life. He would have left enormous wealth, but in his later years became interested in ballooning, the sensation of the day, spending his entire fortune on balloon experiments. He died in Bartichoff, Volhinie (Russia).

Pinetti, a man of rare and inventive genius. almost reconstructed the art of conjuring with his numerous inventions. For half a century following his death his successors drew upon his inventions and repertory for their own programs.

According to the late Sydney W. Clarke, an authority of magic history, Fawkes dominated the first half of the 18th century, and Pinetti dominated the second half.
(From notes by Houdini)

Column 2

By popular demand we are starting our Junior Magic Club. We discovered that there are many young men, and girls, too, who are really rarin' to go in magic and want to meet others who are also interested. Since a magician can't tell his secrets to anyone, he can't ask for advice when he comes to problems, but from the club members, watching him work, will come advice and criticism which mean so much to anyone who wants to learn.

We have set a limit on the age, and that is age 12 and up. Of course younger magicians may come as guests of a club member.

As mentioned elsewhere in this paper, the first meeting in our new store is to be on March 6 at 7:45 PM. All members will bring a trick to show the others, or something that they need help with.

The meeting will be held in the basement, where plans are being made for a more permanent stage and clubroom, and which will be temporarily fixed up for the purpose.

We didn't realize that so many young ladies were interested in Magic, or are they only interested in magicians? But girls are welcome to join up also.
(Continued in next column)

Residents of Nutley in the Adult Night School are now able to learn Magic from Professor Collins. For more information about this
special Magic course, check either with the school or with Professor Collins at the store.

- - - - - - - - - - -

It Pays To ADVERTISE! Check our low rates.

Column 3

(Editorial Continued...)

The Club will work together on projects and giving shows. Demonstrations and lectures on magic will be given by club members or occasionally a professional magician "guest."

Sometimes members will get together and give a show, one working as a magician, the others as assistants. In this way, each
member will be brought to a better understanding of just what is included in that little word "Magic."

After an absence of almost four weeks, it feels good to get the old paper back into circulation, but it will be some time before the store is finally back to normal, because of the improvements to be put in the basement and the time consuming job of sorting that is still going on. But we invite you all to come and see the new building. After all, we did all the expanding just son we could fit more into the store. So pay us a call, and give us all your latest news for our paper.

Jack Miller lectured and demonstrated to the Al Minder Ring last Feb. 12th.
And Charles Miller was present at the Magic Round Table on February 11, to give a highly interesting lecture and demonstration.

We see more and more Magic and magicians on T.V. Look at your local listings for the times and stations. We will try to announce
dates in advance, but in a paper like this it is hard to keep news like that (current) and we would appreciate our readers keeping us up to date on all the T.V. appearances.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Victor the Magician's
" MAGGIC" - 25 cents.

MAGGIC was a strip of paper with large letters spelling MAGGIC and treated like "Clippo." You folded the paper between the two "G's" and cut down the center of the G's with scissors. When the paper was opened up, the word was correctly spelled MAGIC. As I recall, it wasn't my best seller.

Victor the Magician THEN

Wiz Kid Jim Gerrish NOW

Jim Gerrish was known as "Victor the Magician," and performed with his assistant as "Victor & Co." In 1980, he formed The Wiz Kids, Inc. and today helps to run The Magic Nook.

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