This copy of the Mecca Magic Monthly from February of 1962 was discovered in the attic by Mary Gerrish, sister of Jim Gerrish. The magazine was printed by the old Hectograph (gelatin) process, which explains why it is mostly purple since that was the color of Hectograph Ink that gave the best results. The black printing on the last page was done with a Mimeograph Stamp, which was a small postcard sized hand held mimeograph "rocker" machine. It was kind of a messy oily printer, which explains the black splotches on the front cover. More historical notes about the show follow.

Everett Johnson became better known as "Earl Johnson" and "Presto." He passed away in 2009. On-line Video HERE.

"Mystic" Myron Lowenstein today
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Lewis Wymisner was known as "Loudini," and Myron Lowenstein became known as "Mystic Myron."

Victor the Magician THEN

Wiz Kid Jim Gerrish NOW

Jim Gerrish was known as "Victor the Magician," and performed with his assistant as "Victor & Co." In 1980, he formed The Wiz Kids, Inc. and today helps to run The Magic Nook.


Jon Collins passed away in 1992. Fred Collins passed away in 2010.

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