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Mental Affinity
By Jolyon Jenkins

You explain that every person has an affinity to a particular color (or shape or symbol, etc.) and that you will try to work out the spectator's affinity through your mental powers alone. Using equivoque, you invite her to choose one of two identical boxes, and to take from her box whichever color counter she is most attracted to, and hold it concealed in her hand. You may even leave the room while this happens. After some cogitation you remove a counter from the box she left you. Each of you opens your hand and the two colors (or shapes, symbols, etc.) are revealed to be identical.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how well it works.

Note: This is an e-Book of instructions for building the effect, and not the actual prop itself. You make the device following photos and instructions and get the parts from sources suggested by the author. The purchase of any of these e-Books entitles you to construct one item for your own personal use. If you are interested in acquiring a manufacturing licence please contact the author via the Magic Nook. Copying and resale of any e-Book is prohibited by International Copyright law.

Mental Affinity
by Jolyon Jenkins



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