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This effect requires an individual verified magician with some knowledge of electronics.

Timed Falling Desk Frame
By Jolyon Jenkins

By popular request, we offer a falling desk frame, but just to give it a new "twist" this project has two special features that the others don't; a timing mechanism, and an invisible "on/off" switch to start the timer secretly. This might be used in a seance in the following way. Get out a desk frame containing a photo of the person you are trying to contact, light candles (or have the candles light themselves with my Self-Lighting Candle effect), put out flowers, etc. Whenever you want, you can secretly and invisibly activate the timer in the desk frame. After the pre-determined numnber of seconds, the desk frame falls flat. It can be arranged to fall backwards or forwards. The act of falling turns off the electronics, and the act of standing the frame upright again can restart the routine for another fall.

Also included in the e-Book are suggestions for making a flash of fire come from the frame before it falls.

Even if you don't need a falling desk frame, you might want to use some of the electronics in other projects, such as putting the self-lighting candle on a timer which is invisibly activated whenever you want.

If you are not into seances you can use the falling desk frame in other ways - as a running gag for a kid show where a photo or a drawing keeps toppling over, gets straightened up and topples again... kid show performers know how well that goes over with the younger set.

Reset is instantaneous. There are no threads or other mechanical devices attached to the picture. It’s all done through electronics and internal mechanics. It's all under your control.

Note: This is an e-Book of instructions for building the effect, and not the actual prop itself. You make the device following photos and instructions and get the parts from sources suggested by the author. The purchase of any of these e-Books entitles you to construct one item for your own personal use. If you are interested in acquiring a manufacturing licence please contact the author via the Magic Nook. Copying and resale of any e-Book is prohibited by International Copyright law.

Timed Falling Desk Frame
by Jolyon Jenkins



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