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This effect requires an individual verified magician with some knowledge of electronics.

Automatic Falling Wall Frame
By Jolyon Jenkins

Hanging on the wall of the seance room is a frame containing a photo or painting of your choice. When you decide the time is right, when a sign from the spirit world is needed, for example, the frame suddenly falls off the wall. That's it! That's all it does. But if you know how to milk that event for all it is worth then this is for you. The Magi-tronic "stuff" is built right into the frame so all you have to do is hang it on any wall and trigger the radio control when you want it to fall.

You can play this in a number of ways – as evidence that there’s a poltergeist present, as a demonstration of your own mental powers, or just as a spooky effect in the middle of a haunted house presentation.

Reset is instantaneous. There are no threads or other mechanical devices attached to the picture. It’s all done through electronics and internal mechanics. You can adjust the degree to which the frame falls: it can just shift or hang crookedly, it can fall partially - being caught by a snag in the wall or a piece of string, it can drop to the floor but be saved by landing on a cushion of some sort, or it can come right down to the floor with a crash and shatter a glass covering if you wish. You decide; you control.

Note: This is an e-Book of instructions for building the effect, and not the actual prop itself. You make the device following photos and instructions and get the parts from sources suggested by the author. The purchase of any of these e-Books entitles you to construct one item for your own personal use. If you are interested in acquiring a manufacturing licence please contact the author via the Magic Nook. Copying and resale of any e-Book is prohibited by International Copyright law.

Automatic Falling Wall Frame
by Jolyon Jenkins



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