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Before you buy any of these instructions, go to your local craft store and make sure you can get the ingredients. To find out what building materials you need to buy for each effect, click on the "Info" button or the photo beside each item.

How does it work? When do I get my purchases? How are they delivered? Where is everybody?

Click on the pictures or the INFO buttons for a brief description of the effect from the article.
Please note: There are NO refunds on magical secrets.
Once you learn the secret, you can't unlearn it, so you can't request a refund.


Bottle of the Djinn $7.00

Is the Djinn IN or is the Djinn OUT? The bottle knows and tells more than the Djinn would like to reveal about its master's secrets. Make from oven-hardening clay and other secret ingredients.


Giving the Finger $7.00

The severed finger of a serial killer makes a delightful gift, especially when the finger comes to life and can be used to detect who will be the next to die, or what the winning number of the lottery will be. Whatever. Make from a small craft store wooden box and other secret ingredients.


Dragon's Egg Over Easy $7.00

The uses of the Dragon Egg in rituals is legendary. Problem is, you can rarely put your hands on one when you need one. This Dragon's Egg Cup solves the problem, allowing you to conjure one up at the drop of a spell. Then the egg begins to hatch...


Your Papers, Please! $7.00

A passport is needed to the other world if you plan on returning unharmed in this lifetime. Fortunately, your papers are all in order. Now, what was the question you wished to ask the spirits on the other side? And what's in that funny little box you are bringing along?


Trial by Fire $7.00

“Trial by the Ordeal of Fire” was an ancient judicial practice by which the guilt or innocence of the accused was determined by subjecting them to flames or burning heat. If they survived the ordeal, they were proved innocent.

In our demonstration of this, an innocent playing card, Tarot card, or treasury note will be “burnt at the stake.” If it survives, its innocence will be proved and it may become a “lucky charm” for the owner.

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