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Trial by Fire
by Professor Spellbinder

“Trial by the Ordeal of Fire” was an ancient judicial practice by which the guilt or innocence of the accused was determined by subjecting them to flames or burning heat. If they survived the ordeal, they were proved innocent.

In our demonstration of this, an innocent playing card, Tarot card, or treasury note will be “burnt at the stake.” If it survives, its innocence will be proved and it may become a “lucky charm” for the owner.

Effect with a Playing Card: A card is chosen and signed on the back to “tie it spiritually” with the person who chose the card. The card is put into a window envelope where it can be seen throughout the ordeal. The envelope containing the card is hung up on a metal “scaffold” above a glass or metal saucer or ashtray and set on fire. While it is burning, a spectator is given a small empty picture frame, covered with a pocket handkerchief, to hold.

The envelope burns completely suggesting that the playing card was guilty of some crime after all. But wait! The spectator uncovers the small picture frame and inside it is embedded a playing card. But is it the signed card? The performer releases the card from the frame and the spectator verifies that it is the original signed card, now proved innocent after having undergone the ordeal by fire. He keeps the card to share in its luck henceforth.

It's all easily made from Dollar Store stuff, but if you want to do this often, you might want to invest in certain accessories and props easily available with sources given in the e-Book for the lowest prices.



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