Your Papers, Please!
by Professor Spellbinder

A passport is needed to the other world if you plan on returning unharmed in this lifetime. Fortunately, your papers are all in order. Now, what was the question you wished to ask the spirits on the other side? And what's in that funny little box you are bringing along?

A combination of the "Money Mystery Papers" and the "Magic Mummy," but with new methods of operation and twists you never dreamed of. The papers have hieroglyphs from the Egyptian Book of the Dead (provided with the article), and the box contains a mummy that you have made yourself from Craft Store oven baked clay and doll face Push Molds (following my photo directions).

Effect: You begin with a search for your passport… not the one issued by the state department, the other one, the secret prayers from the lost Egyptian Book of the Dead that provide safe passage through the underworld for a person’s Ka, or soul. You open up the packet of papers where you last placed the script, but it is empty. Then you remember that you hid the script with a spell of enchantment, so that if anyone stole the packet, they would find nothing of value inside. You close up the packet of papers, and tap the four corners, muttering the spell that will release the enchantment. Opening up the papers now, you see that it now contains the script (which can be on parchment, if you wish, but not on real papyrus…which cracks when it is folded) plus a couple of dollars you hid inside for a rainy day. Pocket the dollars and open the script, displaying the lost section covered with Egyptian hieroglyphics. “Can anyone translate this?” you ask. “No? Well, that’s good then. That means I don’t have to kill any of you in order to keep the secrets of the lost Book of the Dead.”

You don’t have a mummy, but you do have an effigy which will work just as well for the demonstration. The mummy effigy is restless, since its Ka, or soul, has not yet passed into the Afterlife. The proof is that the mummy refuses to return to its sarcophagus, once it has been removed. You will just have to continue with the ceremony so the Ka of the mummy can rest peacefully.

The next part of the ceremony is the weighing of the heart. You show a balance scale and also display the four canopic jars containing the organs that belonged to the mummy. You load on one balance pan all four canopic jars, as well as the tiny mummy.

Naturally the balance pan containing all the weight drops down as far as it can go. At this point you introduce the “Feather of Truth and Justice.”

“Before an Egyptian was granted a place in the Afterlife, he or she must pass a rigorous test called the Weighing of the Heart. This trial took place before Osiris, god of the Underworld. During this trial the ancient Egyptian's heart was placed on one side of a scale, with a feather, the symbol of Truth and Justice (Maat) on the other. If the heart balanced against the feather, the Egyptian would safely pass into the Afterlife. If the heart was heavy with offenses, the scale would drop and be consumed by the beast that waited next to the scales, Ammit, the gobbler. If this were to happen, there would be no perdition or hell, they would simply cease to exist. For ancient Egyptians, this was the most terrifying prospect possible.”

So saying, you take a feather and wave it over and around the scales as you begin the Egyptian prayers from the Book of the Dead (versions in English are included with the article).

As you plead the innocence of the mummy and drop the feather on the other balance pan, the scales begin to balance and the mummy is declared innocent.

Now it can be returned to its tiny sarcophagus where it now remains peacefully.


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