Dragon's Egg Over Easy
By Professor Spellbinder

This craft shop project takes over where the venerable Ball and Vase left off. In fact, I begin by showing beginners how they should have learned that trick, in case their education did not include Ball and Vase sleights.

However, we won't just be modifying the old Ball and Vase, we'll be reinventing it using a Dragon Chalice and using a real Dragon's egg for the hatching.

A cup from the Craft store or Halloween Party supply store will do for practice, and I give you several sources for locating a more authentic looking Dragon's Chalice. You can also use a plastic Easter Egg for practice, until you are ready to begin work with a "genuine" Dragon's Egg made from a Jumbo Chicken Egg. You can perform the gooey version, or the prissy clean-hands version. At the end, the dragon flies off to dragonland, vanishing from sight in the process. Just hope it doesn't return with several of its larger friends.

BZ01-05 - Dragon's Egg Over Easy $7.00

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