Bottle of the Djinn
By Professor Spellbinder

Is the Djinn IN or is the Djinn OUT? The bottle knows and tells more than the Djinn would like to reveal about its master's secrets.

Combine a couple of age-old magic tricks with some new ideas and you have the Djinn Bottle. You make it yourself from oven hardening clay like FIMO® or Sculpey® from the craft shop.

Decorate it or not, to suit your style. It can be stained to appear antique, or painted to look exotic. It's what you do with it that counts.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm telling you in advance that its roots are in the old "Imp Bottle" which has been in magic shops for generations. It also combines elements from routines of the "Chinese Bottle," the "Pea Can," the "Magical Block," and more. I'll also reveal that it uses none of the methods employed in any of these old stand-bys, but solves the same problems using new ideas and technologies. If you want something that is new from something very old, as in the Aladdin story, then the Djinn Bottle is for you!

BZ01-01 - Bottle of the Djinn $7.00

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