by Professor Spellbinder


Can you smell what I smell? This olfactory illusion tells a simple story of the season, during which the audience begins to smell the scenes described by the magical storyteller. The storyteller opens a suitcase with the top towards the audience. The top of the suitcase is covered with black felt, to which the storyteller can attach colorful felt pieces that help him (or her) to illustrate the story as shown above.

The storyteller begins a story (entire text of the story is included) about Christmas trees standing proud and tall on a snowy hill. The audience begins to smell the pines as the story teller places green felt trees on a white felt hill. As the story progresses, the story teller rearranges the felt pieces on the board, and other scents follow: cinnamon spices, floral scents, minty smells, lemon scents, chocolate smells, and ends by going back to the scent of pine. The scrawniest little tree has a song to sing, and both words and music (in the form of wav files provided by Fred Goode) are included if you wish to make use of them.

The most important feature of the article is scent management, how to produce the scents, how to separate one from another, and how to fit them into this story as an example, and also other stories you might wish to use. The only magic involved is the magic of good story-telling.

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