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Animated Tarot Cards
by Professor Spellbinder

The Rising Tarot Card, by Professor Spellbinder. Another use for the card box as a houlette is described, and any Tarot Card chosen can rise mysteriously out of the deck when summoned. As the card rises out of the box, the box can be handed to a spectator to hold so it can be "examined."

The Haunted Tarot Deck, by Professor Spellbinder. Any Tarot Cards chosen by you or a spectator come mysteriously sliding out of the horizontal deck while held in the performer's bare hand or while the deck is resting on a table.

If you choose not to purchase our Invisible Tarot card set, you will need to either make your own Tarot cards from our included templates, or buy them elsewhere ready-made. You'll also need to make your own Window Card Box as shown in the e-Book (2 Window Card Boxes come with the special set of Invisible Tarot Cards we sell).



$5.00 e-Book




$5.00 e-Book

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