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The Invisible Tarot
by Professor Spellbinder
No Cards Included

The Invisible Tarot, by Professor Spellbinder. This is the routine for which the deck was named. 9 of the 78 blank Tarot cards, freely chosen by a spectator, begin to acquire backs and then Classic Tarot faces as a typical Tarot reading individualized for the spectator commences. The cards provided permit many different outcomes and no two persons get the same reading. At the end, the cards become blank once more using an optional Tarot Cloth Blank-Out effect, included as a bonus.

Using the Card Box, by Professor Spellbinder. The window card box is used to conceal and switch cards and groups of cards as needed. If you do not purchase the card sets which contain two window card boxes, you will need to make a window card box following our instructions to perform this part of the routine.

If you choose not to purchase our Invisible Tarot card set, you will need to either make your own Tarot cards from our included templates, or buy them elsewhere ready-made.

Watch the Video Demonstration HERE:

Professor Spellbinder's Invisible Tarot from James Gerrish on Vimeo.

Invisible Tarot



$5.00 e-Book





$5.00 e-Book

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