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Tear-able Magic
Paper Magic for Wizards

By Eleazar Goodenough

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1. Close Your Mouth! Mouthless Mouth Coil Magic
(This is an expanded version of the article now showing in The Wizards' Journal #5)

Explains how to make your own mouth coils or other types of similar coils. You can choose your own colors and have control over the size and length of the coil you produce. Eleazar's method of using the mouth coil in performance (without putting it in his mouth) is also explained.

$7.00 This Chapter ONLY!

2. Wizard/Witch Hat Tear and Wizard Tricks

Explains how to make durable tissue paper Wizard and Witch hats for use with the paper tear. Also explains Eleazar's method of concealing the hats and producing them, different from the standard versions on the market. Also includes directions for making and operating a "sorting" hat puppet, which Harry Potter fans will instantly recognize.

Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki demonstrates the Wizard Hat Tear on VIDEO HERE.

$7.00 This Chapter ONLY!

3. Clown Hat Tear and Clown Tricks

Explains how to make two-tone and three tone colored tissue paper clown hats, and various clown skits and clown magic that can be performed with the hats after producing them.

$7.00 This Chapter ONLY!

4. Santa Hat/Stocking Tear and Christmas Magic

The Santa hat is a like a two-tone clown hat, but Eleazar throws in some additional ideas for using this hat in a Christmas show. He also adds his method of doing a Christmas stocking paper tear, and ways to make huge productions of Christmas decorations and gifts from either the hat or the stocking.

A Santa Hat Tear Poem

One day when I was a young lad,
I found out that Santa Claus was actually mom and dad.
My heart was torn in two (2) by this news (show original 2 pieces of tissue, one in each hand)
Four(4) separate days I had the blues. (Tear 2 pieces and fan spread to show 4 pieces)

Many years went rolling by
Still bitter that Santa was a lie.
Later on, happily married for eight (8) years, (tear 4 pieces in half)
I found a new reason to shed some tears.

It was Christmas Eve and very hard to believe,
After sixteen (16) hours of pain and screaming (tear 8 pieces in half)
Our child was born; his eyes were gleaming.

I looked outside, my heart swelling with pride.
Thirty-two (32) degrees and not much of a sound (final tear of 16 pieces in half)
Snow was falling softly to the ground (tear a few small pieces from the white tissue and let them fall)

How could it possibly be?
Santa Claus will now be me. (unfold and put Santa Hat on head)

By Scarnecky (from The Magic Café Forum) - shared by his permission

$5.00 This Chapter ONLY!

5. Top Hat Tear and Traditional Magic

This is not a flat two-dimensional hat as is currently on the market, but a durable black tissue paper top hat from which you can use Eleazar's routine for producing a live dwarf bunny (or bunny puppet if you prefer) as well as large traditional productions of silks and streamers from the Top Hat.

$7.00 This Chapter ONLY!

6. Uncle Sam Hat Tear and Flag / Patriotic Magic

Eleazar goes one step beyond the traditional paper tear hat and from strips of tissue paper produces a durable FELT hat, from which flags can be produced. He gives other patriotic tricks that can be routined together to make red, white and blue magic your theme for an entire show.

$7.00 This Chapter ONLY!

7. Graduation Mortarboard Hat Tear and Diploma Magic

Now Eleazar extends the limits of the paper tissue hats by including foam variations for this mortarboard graduation hat. He also adds some diploma magic you can use if you want to continue the graduation theme.

$7.00 This Chapter ONLY!

8. Giant Palm Tree and Ladder

Eleazar starts with the old newspaper tear of a palm tree and a ladder from rolled up newspapers. Not satisfied with the results, he tries again and this time produces a much better looking palm tree with green plastic leaves and brown sponge coconuts. This is followed by a coconut production which has his helper scampering to catch the elusive coconuts as they bounce all over the stage.

$7.00 This Chapter ONLY!

9. Hawaiian Lei Paper Tear

Continuing the tropical theme he began with the Palm Tree production, Eleazar does a paper tear that ends up in a very realistic looking Hawaiian Lei for his helper.

$7.00 This Chapter ONLY!

10. Hawaiian Swim Suit & Grass Skirt

Continuing with the Hawaiian theme introduced above, Eleazar gets several kids to wear grass skirts he produces from torn paper strips. Then each kid is invited to dance the hula before receiving rewards of coconut cookies or cupcakes that have magically been transformed from the little bouncing coconuts from the Pal Tree production. The whole routine is finally put together and explained in detail.

$7.00 This Chapter ONLY!

11. Necktie Paper Tear and Necktie Tricks

Eleazar's necktie disappears from around his neck, so he takes some strips of tissue paper and makes a new necktie. When he tries to tie the necktie in place, it penetrates his neck. Eleazar exchanges neckties with someone from the audience. Eleazar shows the volunteer how he can cut his necktie in half and restore it, but when the helper tries the same with Eleazar's tie, he ends up with cut neck-tie pieces. Eleazar ends the routine by restoring his own necktie. All is explained in detail.

$7.00 This Chapter ONLY!

12. Ultimate Newspaper Tear

This effect alone is worth the price of the entire book. Several sheets of newspaper are freely shown (and could be examined). They are cleanly torn into pieces, and just as cleanly, the pieces weld together into the restored newspaper which again, can be dropped into the hands of the spectators. An additional ending has been added in which one of the pieces "accidentally" falls on the floor before the final restoration. When the spectators point out that the paper did not get fully restored, Eleazar takes the fallen piece and VISIBLY melts it into the hole where it belongs before dropping the fully restored newspaper into the hands of the spectators. All is explained in detail. This is the e-Book that introduced Eleazar's TUCKIT.

BONUS: Includes the "Easy Way Out" Newspaper tear. If you don't need anything more than QUICK and EASY, this is it!

$7.00 This Chapter ONLY!

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