Magic Tricks

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Five In One Wand

This wand performs five different tricks. It will rise up in your hand as if by magic. Hand it to a spectator and it will jump back to you, startling the spectator. It can jump up high in the air. Wave the wand and a silk handkerchief (not included) will suddenly appear just above the wand and flutter back to your hand. Finally, the wand can be made to disappear completely. $5.00 Postpaid in USA. $2.50 shipping overseas.

Red 2 Inch Sponge Balls

These red 2 inch sponge balls made of super soft foam come complete with a set of directions and a CD-ROM of Professor Spellbinder's Own Routine. We are currently shipping Empire sponge balls, not the ones pictured. Basically, by using simple sleight of hand, the balls can be made to appear, disappear, and multiply. $5.00 Postpaid in USA. $2.50 shipping overseas.

Halloween Hand Bag

This bag is provided as a convenience for those who many not have another source for it. The bag is ungimmicked, but following Professor Spellbinder's instructions on the CD sold above, you will see what a useful tool it can be for magic, as well as for collecting tips and getting paid for busking and street magic. Sponge balls are NOT provided with the bag. NO INSTRUCTIONS come with the bag - refer to the Sponge Ball CD. $5.00 Postpaid in USA. $2.50 shipping overseas.

Big Bunny

A great finish for the sponge ball tricks above! Show one 2 inch red sponge ball and push it into your fist. Open up your fist and there is a giant red sponge bunny! You can also make this magic happen right in the hands of a spectator! Put the ball in her closed hand and when she opens it, the huge bunny will make her jump with surprise and delight! $15.00 Postpaid in USA. $2.50 shipping overseas.

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