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Magic Supplies

Visible See Through Nesting Boxes

These are provided as a convenience for customers who can't find them elsewhere. They are used following directions in The Wizards' Journal #20, but these boxes are plain, unvarnished, unpainted, and ungimmicked.

$25.00 postpaid in the USA; add $8.00 postage for shipping overseas.


Additional $8.00 for shipping overseas:


Two inch sponge fish shown

Note: No instructions come with the fish. The instructions are found in Qua-fiki's e-Book HERE.

Qua-Fiki's Handmade Sponge Fish

These are the same fish you can see Qua-Fiki using in his "One Fish, Two Fish" color sponge routine in The Wizards' Journal #20. In the e-Book, he shows you how to make them yourself from supersoft sponge balls, but as a convenience, he makes them for you from 2 inch sponge balls (Red, Yellow, and Blue). To do his full routine, you need two complete sets ( or 1 double set of 4 blue, 2 red, 2 yellow). Postage is included within the USA only. Add $5.00 postage for shipping overseas.

1 Double Set Available - Contact to order.

Two sets of Red, Yellow and Blue 2 inch Sponge Fish - $20.00

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