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Are you an inventor of magic effects? Do you like to write articles for magic magazines? The Magic Nook is becoming one of the world's largest publishers of unique magic tricks, books & e-Books. We are always looking for more great magic to add to our line so if you have an idea for an effect or are authoring a book on your own original magic, why not send it in to us in complete confidence and we will let you know if we can help you with bringing your magic effect to the attention of magicians around the world! If we decide to add it to our growing catalog of e-Books, you will begin getting paid for your efforts. It's nice getting prestige by having your effects published in Genii, Magic Magazine, M.U.M. or The Linking Ring (among others) but it's even better getting paid directly by readers who are interested in your work. Compliments are cheap, but someone really has to like your stuff to buy it and then keep coming back for more.

Here's what we offer:

Editorial assistance and advice - no charge.
Web space for your own page, if needed - no charge
Direct link buttons to your own PayPal account - no charge
Access to our Worldwide base of satisfied customers - no charge

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Where in the world do our customers come from?

Contact me, Professor Spellbinder at: I look forward to hearing from you!

Our current gallery of Independent Authors, Staff Authors, and Crafts People:

Link to works

Jim Gerrish
Link to Works-
Kid Show Magic
PVC Pipe Illusions
Hardboard & Duct Tape Magic

Qua-Fiki's Wiz Kid Page
Works throughout
Wizards' Journals

Frederick Goode
Works throughout
Wizards' Journals

Eric Hansen
Link to Crafts

Chris Dunn
Plus other effects
in The Wizards' Journals

Jolyon Jenkins

"Mystery Artist"

Contributing Authors
Contribute magic material
when they can, on no specific topic:

Stephen Christopher
Wiz Kid Ee-Gee-Fiki
Wiz Kid Wilhelmina
Steve Dusheck
Manuel Magie

It's not your age or the number of years
of experience that count;
it's the cleverness and quality
of your ideas.

Contact me, Professor Spellbinder at: I look forward to hearing from you!
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