Sticky Situations


 As the title suggests, this book contains a collection of effects that utilize one of my favorite gimmicks, double-sided tape.  Using tape to keep the cards stuck together is not just a “lazy man’s double-lift.”  It allows you the freedom to handle the cards in ways a double-lift just can’t.  This can strengthen and greatly enhance the effect. 

An alternative to double-sided tape is repositionable glue.  I actually prefer to use repositionable glue instead of tape in many instances.  However, it can often prove challenging to execute certain sleights because the glue “grabs on” before you really want it to.  You should feel free to experiment with using glue.  If you opt to use glue, make sure that you are using the repositionable or “restickable” variety.  Otherwise, you’ll be in a truly “sticky situation” when your cards are permanently stuck together. 

If you’re using tape and the cards are still sticking at inopportune times, try repeatedly sticking the card/tape to a piece of fabric and peeling it away.  The pants/jeans you’re wearing right now should work just fine (if you’re not wearing any as you read this, I really don’t want to know!).  This will cause the tape to be less sticky.  You’ll have to experiment to determine how much adhesive is just right for you.

I hope you enjoy learning and performing these effects as much as I did in developing them and writing this book.


                                                                                                             B. Robert Pulver





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