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I See London, I See France...

The Effect:

Three sealed envelopes are shown. One is given to each of three spectators. Next, "postcards" depicting famous locations around the world are displayed. Each spectator selects a card. These cards are shown and then dealt face-down onto the table.

The spectators open their envelopes in turn and read your predictions. One of the spectators opens his envelope and reads, “I see London.” As he does, flip his card face-up to remind everyone that his card was, in fact, the London card. The next spectator opens her envelope and reads, “I see France.” As before, flip her card over to verify that this prediction is also correct.

The final spectator opens his envelope and reads, “Your card will turn into underpants.” Point to the card and have him turn it over to reveal that it has, in fact, changed into a pair of underpants!

A drawing of underpants as well as a "fruit" image is provided if you don't feel comfortable showing an actual photo of underpants.


Disclaimer: This effect requires a custom-printed gaff cards. Instructions are provided for making simple and inexpensive versions. However, knowledge of and experience in card-splitting and/or other techniques for creating/printing custom-made gaff cards are recommended if a professional quality card is desired.



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