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P.B. & J. Sandwich

The Effect:

Inspired by Timothy Wenk's classic children's effect, but without any of the allergy worries. 

Two cards showing slices of bread are formed into a "sandwich" in the spectator's hands. Cards showing a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly are then shown and placed face-down on the table (or can be placed in other spectators' hands).

The peanut butter & jelly cards switch places several times. Finally, the peanut butter & jelly disappear altogether, leaving blank cards. Where did the peanut butter & jelly go? The two bread cards in the spectator's hands have been replaced by a single card showing a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

Disclaimer: This effect requires a custom-printed gaff cards. Instructions are provided for making simple and inexpensive versions. However, knowledge of and experience in card-splitting and/or other techniques for creating/printing custom-made gaff cards are recommended if a professional quality card is desired.


A ready-made version is also available.



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