David Kaye (09/27/2008)

Wow, Bob!  It sounds like we think alike.  The art work is great and the plots are too. 

Ken Scott (02/26/2009) 

WOW! What a great book.  Kids will love these card tricks! I guarantee.

Duane Laflin (02/23/2009)

Just glanced at the PDF file and already like what I see.

B.J. Hickman (03/06/2009)

I am very impressed.  You have some terrific ideas and the method for printing the custom cards is well worth the price of the book.  I like what I see available on your website.  I don't know where to start.

Todd Alan Eisenstadt (07/10/2008)

Your tricks are gold. Thanks for your attention to card tricks for kids, a neglected art. I love Mickey Moose, Mummy Mischief, "I see London, I see France..." and the lot.  Keep 'em coming, man.

Todd Alan Eisenstadt (09/22/2008)

I just got several of these from MagicBob.  The card tricks are creative and kid-friendly, and Bob bends over backward to please. It's great to finally see some clever card tricks that do not insult kids' intelligence, which are not "boring" tricks with adult cards (that's how kids view playing cards these days), and which speak to their world.  Kudos to MagicBob.

Todd Alan Eisenstadt (01/20/2008)

I've used several of Magic Bob's tricks, and they are all clever, colorful, and thoughtful in a way that is humorous to adults but which kids also get (and these are sophisticated tricks which do not condescend to kids). Bob's got the psychology, the humor, and the artwork. . . All of these are good, and some are downright fantastic.

 Bernard Mariano (10/16/2008)

I have bought several of Magicbob's tricks from his ebook. As I'm not good at making gimmicked cards, I bought the tricks ready-made with instructions. They're excellent and well-routined with great appeal for kids (and adults!). I bought Monkey Business, PB&J Sandwich and my personal favorite - the Emperor’s New Clothes!

I found magicbob to be very courteous, helpful and professional in his business dealings! My highest recommendations!  Looking forward to performing your wonderful creations.

Larry Lipman (01/20/2009)

My hat is off to Magicbob.

I generally don't do card tricks for kids, but after reading this thread last night I decided to dip my toe into the water and I ordered one of his .pdf files, Monkey Business. I didn't realize it until I had placed the order, but my Paypal info still used an e-mail address I no longer use. So I sent Bob an e-mail explaining what happened.

That was at 11:55 p.m. on the east coast. At 1:33 a.m., a little more than an hour and a half later, Bob sent me the .pdf to the e-mail address I use for my magic correspondence. I don't know if he's in a different time zone or never sleeps, but THAT'S SERVICE!

And what a bargain. I just bought the one .pdf because I wasn't sure what to expect and I figured $5 was worth the risk. What I got back in pdf form was a 22-page set of instructions with three alternate handlings suitable for various skill levels, pdfs of the various cards that I can print on my home printer, and another pdf giving detailed instructions of how to print your own cards on blank-faced cards. Wow.

I haven't tried all of the alternative handlings yet, but I am very impressed with the thought that went into these tricks for kids. Best of all, Bob offers a new -- and I think better -- way to do a "color monte" style routine without that weird jog move so many of us hate. That alone is worth the five bucks in my opinion.

I don't know whether I'll end up purchasing the entire e-book, because I'm still not sure how many card tricks I'm going to do for kids, but based on what I've seen so far, I can vouch for the quality and the thought that has gone into this work. I intend to show the basic routine at my local SAM meeting and Virginia Magic Society meeting this week and hope to work it into my children's show in the near future. Nice job, Bob.

Larry Lipman (01/25/2009)

Well, as I mentioned, I performed the "Monkey Business" trick at my local SAM Assembly and VMS meeting last week and got a strong positive reaction both times.

Larry Lipman (02/08/2009)

I've only purchased one of them, "Monkey Business," but I was very satisfied and very impressed with the thought and the work that went into this trick. I'd feel confident ordering any of the tricks, or the entire e-book. It was easy to make up the cards using Bob's technique, and he offered three versions of the trick, which should appeal to people with different card levels of ability. I'm not much of a card man, so I do the simple routine, but it is very good and keeps the kids' interest without being a knuckle-buster.

I perform primarily for children and I think these tricks would appeal to them. I know the Monkey Business one does.


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