Kards for Kids



According to conventional wisdom:


* Kids don't understand card tricks

* Kids don't relate to card tricks

* Kids don't pay attention to card tricks



Well, I’ve never put much stock in conventional wisdom.  You just need the right kind of card trick to have kids eating out of your hands. 


In this book, I've compiled a dozen card effects geared specifically with children in mind.  Rest assured, however, that adults will love them too!!!  I acknowledge the fact that some children have trouble remembering the difference between suits, etc., which is part of the reason that many traditional card tricks go over their heads.  For this reason, I've opted to eschew standard playing cards.  Instead, these effects utilize colorful, custom cards (instructions for printing your own are included) along with many humorous, kid-friendly themes (unless you consider a picture of a pair of underpants inappropriate, in which case you can simply choose one of the provided alternate graphics for that effect). 


I've attempted to limit the required sleights to the "basics."  This results in the added benefit of facilitating the use of jumbo cards for most of the effects.  That way, they can be adapted for parlor performances such as birthday parties.  It should be noted, however, that there are numerous other potential performance venues for children's performers. Some examples are tablehopping at family-oriented restaurants, strolling magic in other family-friendly environments, school/library shows for smaller groups within a classroom rather than on a stage, and performing for individual children in hospitals (just to name a few).  All of the preceding examples illustrate the usefulness of card tricks performed with standard, Poker-sized cards.


I hope you have as much fun preparing, practicing, and performing these effects as I had in writing them.  I'm confident that you, too, will soon be challenging conventional wisdom and performing "Kards for Kids!"  


                                                 B. Robert Pulver




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