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The "I Hate Card Tricks"

Book of Card Tricks

Volume 3


by B. Robert Pulver



Make My Day

This is based on the famous "bullet catch" plot. 



The Effect:


A signed card representing the magician is shown.  A "blindfold" is tied over the "magician's" eyes.  A toy gun is fired at the card.  When the blindfold is removed, the picture on the card shows that he has caught the bullet. 

The procedure is repeated with a second spectator.  When the blindfold is removed, the card now also has a real bullet hole!  The card has both signatures on the back.

Bonus Effect: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet:


This version features comic book super-heroes.  Playing the role of a super-villain, the spectator tries to get the drop on "The Dark Knight" but the card transforms into the "Man of Steel" and the bullets bounce harmlessly off his chest.  A second transformation occurs.  This time, the "Amazon Princess" deflects the bullets with her steel bracelets.  A third transformation reveals the "Clown Prince of Crime" is behind the caper.




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