Evan Shuster (01/26/2008)

I have had the good fortune of previewing one of the new tricks from Magicbob's sequel, "The I STILL Hate Card Tricks" Book of Card Tricks.  It is every bit as clever (maybe more so) as any of the items from the first book.  I cannot recommend this material highly enough.  Great stuff!!

Kenton Knepper (07/03/2008)

B. Robert Pulver is Nick Trost with an Exacto knife, and just as ingenious as he is cutting edge.  Eddie Tullock used to say to me that he could do any illusion with a deck of cards.  Magic Bob's creations do this - literally.  I am still waiting for Mr. Pulver to make and sell me every single prop he imagines.  Until that time, I will suffice by pondering with glee his 'I Hate Card Tricks' and "I STILL Hate Card Tricks' books.  I'm sure you'll get as much enjoyment from these wild card creations as I.  If you know me for my strange and novel work with playing cards, then my endorsement of the Pulver works should tell you all you need to know.  These books, and a handy cut-and-paste person will keep you busy and enthralled for a long time!

Marty "Martini" Grams (07/04/2008)


Greetings Guys;

I have just finished going through this excellent book the earlier part of the week, and I have to say this is a great book. Combine it with Bob's first book "I Hate Card Tricks" and you will have a supply of fresh, original material that everyone else will not be doing.

What can you expect from this E-book? For starters, solid material that you will use.

After a glowing introduction by none other than Martin Lewis, Bob takes you into his amazing brain to see how he has once again taken standard illusions and applied them to card tricks.

Origami Queen - takes you into a card effect that will absolutely fry a lay audience as well as many magicians. Inspired by Jim Steinmeyer's Origami illusion, a signed Queen is placed in an envelope. This envelope is then folded many times into a small packet much like the Origami cabinet is folded down. When the envelope is unfolded, the Queen is removed with no harm, no folds, and no damage.

In Over His Head - a cute variation of the old Viz escape, but with a King of Hearts being locked into stocks (two other playing cards) with a bolt and a wing nut. The King representing Houdini makes his escape. There is artwork included to make the cards or stocks look like a shackled trunk which is a cute idea. Also included is a version where you actually lower this into water ala Houdini's water cell and allow the King to escape. Nice thinking on an old idea.

The Crystal Card Casket - do not pass this one by. It is very good. A blank card is signed by a spectator and sealed in a plastic clear box (baseball card box) it remains in full view throughout. A Queen is then shown and placed in the spectator's hands. When the hands are opened the pips and border are still there on the card but the image of the Queen has vanished. When the box is opened, it is seen that the missing Queen is now on the previously signed blank card.

The Geometric Queen - takes you through the construction of a very cute card version of the Owen Geometric illusion. A Queen is placed into a playing card cabinet, and three tubes made of playing card (circle, square, & triangle) are pushed thru the cabinet penetrating the Queen. You can see right thru the tubes. when they are removed, The Queen is taken out with no harm or damage done. This one will take you a little time to make only because you want it to be accurate so everything works smooth and easy. Once made, you will carry this one with you, and it will leave an impression.

The Royal Interlude - a card variation of another Jim Steinmeyer illusion "Interlude" where a girl passes thru the magicians body. Two cards, a King and a Queen, are shown and can be signed. The King is slid into a cabinet made of playing cards, and the Queen is pushed right thru the center of the King. The cards are then removed and shown and may even be given out for the spectators to keep. Very good solid thinking here and an effect that will fool other magicians as it is not what you are thinking.

You also have a section on printing your own custom cards for the effects in this book and the first book "I Hate Card Tricks."

Do I like this book? I think that is obvious. It is brilliant. Like I said in my review of "I Hate Card Tricks," Bob has taken standard illusions and created card magic based on them that shows a brilliant mind that is very creative.

The average card trick today is anywhere from $10 to $25 and many leave a lot to be desired. Here you are getting 11 tricks that everyone else will not be out doing, and each has been designed from the ground up to be strong effective card magic with the illusion twist. These two books are a great value and I cannot wait to see the third book in this series.

If you want really good effects that are not your run of the mill, pick a card, and put it back type, then these books are definitely for you.  You cannot go wrong with either of these two great books.

Just my two cents for what it is worth.
All the Best!



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