The "I STILL Hate Card Tricks"

Book of Card Tricks


So you STILL hate card tricks, huh? 

Ok.  Let's be honest.  We both know that's not true or else you wouldn't have purchased this book.  But you MAY still encounter the occasional spectator who does hate card tricks.

As I pointed out in the original “I Hate Card Tricks” Book of Card Tricks, one of the primary reasons why some people dislike card tricks is due to the overabundance of “pick a card” routines.  As magicians, we sometimes try to be “too clever by half” and develop 101 different ways to find someone's card.  From the performer's standpoint, they are all very different effects.  But the layperson often perceives them all as just another “pick a card and I'll find it” routine. 

I firmly believe that card magic can go far beyond that paradigm.  I've strived to think outside the box and develop effects that take a more novel approach, using cards as the performance medium, but not being limited to variations on the “pick a card” theme.

I conclude each illusion with some “assorted random thoughts” related to the effect.  If you have purchased several different effects or the complete book, you may experience a strong sense of Déjà vu while reading these sections (If you've read volume one, you're probably already experiencing it).  Rest assured… your mind is not playing tricks on you.  Some passages are relevant to multiple effects in the book.  I’ve reprinted them within each applicable chapter (occasionally changing the wording slightly just to keep you on your toes) to ensure that those purchasing an individual effect would not miss out on any of my ramblings, ravings, or brilliant observations.  I’ll leave it to the reader to determine which description is most accurate.


The goal of each and every one of these effects is to be visually arresting and entertaining (often incorporating offbeat and humorous premises).  I've attempted to put together an eclectic collection of unique effects which should provide a wide range of appeal for diverse audiences.  I have maintained my pledge that there will still be NO “pick a card” effects.  In fact, you may never have to utter those three oft-maligned words again.


                                                          B. Robert Pulver




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