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The Disembodied Prince

This effect is based on the classic illusion, “Girl Without a Middle" (also known as "The Disembodied Princess”). 

The Effect:

The prince (Jack) is placed in a playing card “cabinet.”  Both ends of the card remain in full view.  “Doors” on either side of the cabinet are opened, revealing that the Prince’s middle section has vanished.

Adding to the mystery, when the magician moves the top portion of the card back and forth, the bottom portion moves along with it.  The magician puts his fingers through the empty space where the middle of the card should be.  The spectator can put his own fingers through the hole to verify that the middle is really gone!  The card can even be moved back and forth with the magician’s or the spectator’s fingers through the middle.  The “doors” are closed and the Prince is removed from the cabinet, once again intact.  Everything can be examined!

Note: Based on the illustration above (or if you are familiar with the method of the original illusion), you may think you know where the middle of the card is.  But you would be incorrect.  The middle is TRULY GONE!



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