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The "I Hate Card Tricks"

Book of Card Tricks

Volume 1


by B. Robert Pulver



The Spiked Queen's Revenge

This effect combines the "Spiker" illusion with "The Assistant's Revenge." 

The Effect:

The assistant (the Queen of Diamonds) is secured in a card case “cabinet.”  The magician (the King of Spades) is given to the spectator for safe keeping.

The assistant must attempt a death-defying escape from the apparatus before being impaled by a menacing bed of spikes hovering above her.  The spikes are plunged into the card case.  They go all the way through the case, emerging on the other side.  Not only is the assistant unharmed, but she melts right THROUGH the spikes as she emerges from the case.

Then, for the surprise ending, we find that the assistant has gotten her revenge on the magician for locking her up in cramped boxes all the time.  The card is turned over to reveal that it was the magician who was trapped in the spike cabinet.  The assistant has magically switched places with him.  She is found in place of the magician between the spectator’s hands.

You can opt to have the Queen signed at the beginning of the effect.  You’ll evoke screams or stunned silence (maybe a little of both) when the card in the spectator’s hands turns out to be HER SIGNED CARD!



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