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The Divided Queen

This effect was inspired by Jim Steinmeyer's illusion, "Modern Art" (as well as numerous other upright/vertical methods of sawing a person in half).

The Effect:

You introduce your assistant, the Queen of Spades from a standard deck of cards.  Another card with large holes in either corner serves as the “cabinet” in which she will be placed.  Both of these cards are ungimmicked and 100% examinable both before and after the illusion.

The assistant is placed in the “cabinet.”  Both of her “faces” are showing through the holes at all times.  You mimic sawing the lady in half.

Then the impossible happens!

You slide the “cabinet” sideways and the bottom half of the Queen moves with it.  The spectator can plainly see, however, that the top half of the Queen remains stationary.  Not only that, but he can see that the Queen has actually been cut in half.  The severed edge of her top half is visible and there is NOTHING but empty space behind it!  You can even choose to let the spectator feel the sawed-off edge (although I don’t recommend it… paper cuts can be really painful!).  You slide the two halves back together and immediately hand out your restored assistant and the “cabinet” (the card with the holes in it) for examination.


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