Bob Tucker (03/22/2008)

The clever way that these effects are put together is a masterful addition to the magic fraternity.  There is no way I can choose one as a favorite.  Every one deserves to stand on its own merits.  Great job, Magicbob.  You deserve "Book of the Year."

Aaron Smith (02/13/2008)

Bob, I'm very impressed with your e-book!  It's a fun read and you have an eye for great material.  Restaurant magicians should take note... This book is one hit after another!

-Aaron Smith

Martin Lewis (01/17/2008)

I really like this e-book.  All the effects are great.  Keep up the good work!  I really cannot think of any way to improve it.  This kind of novel, visual magic is right up my alley - well done!



Kenton Knepper (01/08/2008)

An astonishingly different book, like you have never seen before.  Wild effects that demand attention even from haters of card tricks.  Remarkably different and visual.  I dare say some of these would fool you badly, too.


Aldo Colombini (01/05/2008)


First of all, I LOVE card tricks, so when I read your title I thought, "Aldo, we have a problem!" I am glad I took the time to go through every trick and I must admire you for the ingenuity on finding methods to change stage illusions into close-up illusions with cards. Not all people will go through the set-ups needed to prepare every routine, but it will be their loss, as the effects look so astonishing. My compliments. Thanks for sharing your ideas with me.

Best always,

Martin "Martini" Grams (12/30/2007)

Each and every effect in this e-book would cost you more than the price of the book if they were available in a magic shop.
These are not pipe dreams, but fully detailed and worked out tricks with every step of construction covered in full detail.
This is the type of book that rarely comes around, so do not miss out, grab a copy today.
I highly recommend "I Hate Card Tricks."  Kick off 2008, and make it great, with a great book of solid material that YOU WILL DEFINITELY USE.
All the Best

Martin "Martini" Grams (10/31/2007)

Most of you know me from my DVD on card splitting.  I love to tinker with cards and various gaffs.  The more unique the gaff, the more I just want to play with it.  I recently spent a very entertaining weekend playing with 6 e-books from Magicbob Productions.  I made up the cards Saturday night and played all day Sunday and today with the cards.  To just say I like them is an understatement, these are great.

Bob is putting together a book titled "The "I Hate Card Tricks" Book of Card Tricks.  At the present time he has six of the mini illusions done with the rest to follow shortly. This review is on the first 6 effects.

#1 The Divided Queen: 19 pages long.  Imagine doing the Modern Art illusion with a Queen of Spades.  In effect you take a deck of cards and turn over the top card (QS) This card is freely shown and placed face up on top of the deck.  Next a card with two circular cut outs is placed over the card and you can see the faces through the two holes. With a pretend slicing, you next move the deck sideways and the top half of the Queen moves with it????  Yes, it is that visual and no, it is not black art.  You can immediately slide the card back together and hand it out or sign your name and let them keep the card.

The entire construction process on how to make this up is in full detail with 16 pictures and text that takes you step by step in the construction process to make this up.  This is very highly recommended, and you will not be disappointed with your purchase.  Like I said earlier I am a gaffed card fanatic and I just love this trick.  Bob has produced what I feel will become a classic in magic.

This is worth far more than the reasonable price he is asking for it.  I give it a 10 out of 10.

All the Best

Martin "Martini" Grams (11/01/2007)

Greetings again;

Here are some more reviews of more of these great mini magic illusions done with cards from Bob:

#2 The Zig-Zag Queen: 21 pages of detailed construction and performing with pictures.  Many of you may remember the various models put out in the past, this one far surpasses them all.  A frame that is made of cards has a Queen of Hearts inserted in side.  The three sections of the face of the card can be seen clearly, yet you are able to slide the center out to the side, allowing them a clear view to the back of the deck.  The frame is not hard to make at all, and like I said before, these instructions are very detailed down to the last minute detail.
I give it a 10 out of 10

#3 The Mismade Queen: 27 pages of very detailed information and instructions including templates.  I really like what Bob has come up with here, a cabinet made of cards that enables you to do a variation of the famous mismade lady illusion but done with a single Queen.  After being mixed up, she is restored to normal.  The visual effect is stunning, the mechanics involved are super, I really like the cabinet he has created with this one and can see more possibilities down the road.  You can make this card cabinet with 1 window (lots of possibilities here) 2 windows, three windows or four, you can also make a four window frame like a window pane with a corner in each of the four corners.  The handling on this is very easy.  Bob has thought every step through for you and these e-books are a fantastic value.  You can also order the whole book, and he will send you what is finished now and the last couple as soon as they are done.  These are definitely worth every penny and more.
I give the Mismade Queen 10 out of 10 also.

#4 The Spiked Queen: 22 pages.  This is a mini illusion known as the Spiker cabinet, where a lady is placed in a box and a sheet of spikes is passed through her body.  In this mini illusion version Bob has used a card box as the cabinet.  A queen is placed inside and a panel of spikes is passed through her body, she escapes, but now in true Assistant's Revenge fashion switches places with the magician (King).  A penetration, and a transposition built into a very good and entertaining card trick that is really a miniature illusion.  The e-book comes with all the details, pictures (17) plus the templates you need to make the card box.  A material list gives you a listing of everything you will need to make this trick up.  This one will take you about an hour to maybe an hour and a half to finish it up.  But you are taken step by step through everything.

Again, this gets a 10 out of 10.  If it sounds like I really like these tricks, that is because I really do.  If you do not order the full book, then definitely grab the individual tricks that tickle your fancy, once you get one and see the amazing detail and time that was put into these, you will go back and buy them all.  I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to have something different that has been thought through to the nth degree.  Grab one today and take a look, you'll be glad you did.

All the Best

Martin "Martini" Grams (11/09/2007)

After numerous E-mails asking me what happened to the reviews of the other two e-books as promised, here they are.

#5 The Kremated King: 16 pages of very detailed information with more than 14 pictures to guide you.

The effect is different.  A cremation chamber (two card folder one being a paper covered frame) is placed on the table.  Now from a deck of cards the top card is turned over and seen to be the King of Clubs.  A spectator signs the back of the card and it is placed in the chamber.  A match is lit and touched to the frame of the chamber where the paper goes up in a flaming flash.  When the flames die down the king is seen to be charred and the flesh burned away leaving a skeletal king of clubs.  The spectator removes the king from the chamber and it is turned over revealing the spectators signature on the back.  If you wanted to, you could give the chamber and the king out for examination.

Like I said above, this one is different, I think there is a lot more that can be done with this in various presentations and handling, but it is a good one to show the boys at the next club meeting.  My only holdback here is the use of the flash paper, but that is me personally and does not deter from the trick itself.

In the end of the book is a cute variation for children that is kid friendly called the X-ray king.  This solves the part that I am uncomfortable with.

Of all the e-books from Magicbob Productions, this one is my least favorite, but the detailed instructions for construction and working is perfect.

I will still give this 10 out of 10 even with my reservations about the trick only for the fact that what I may not like 100%, may be exactly what others do like, so it gets the good rating based on what you are given and the detail.

#6 The Disembodied Prince: 14 pages of detailed construction with 14 pictures to guide you step by step through the construction of the prop.

A Jack is placed in a playing card cabinet with both ends remaining in full view.  A snap of the fingers and doors on both sides of the cabinet are opened showing that you can see right through and the center of the Jack is gone.

Now get this... when you move the top exposed part of the jack, the bottom portion moves with it, yet you can still see right through the center.  You can even put your fingers through the opening, or I like to draw a 9 inch silk through the center.  A spectator can put his or her fingers through the opening as well.  The doors are closed and the jack is removed from the card cabinet unharmed and back to normal.

This is **** clever and if marketed as a ready-made individual trick, would easily be a $30 trick.  You will smile when you see the method used, pure genius.

This definitely gets a 10 out of 10 also.

So there you have my reviews for the first six effects.
My personal favorites in order are:
1. The Disembodied Prince
2. The Divided Lady
3. The Mismade Queen

That is not to say anything bad about the others.  I like them all, but these three to me are hands down the best.  If any of you have been on the fence about getting this book, I highly recommend that you buy it.  There have been Zig-Zag cards in the past, but nothing like these effects.  Bob has taken standard illusions and downsized them and made them up with playing cards, now that is the work of a genius for sure.  You cannot go wrong with any of these e-books, or better yet, just order the whole book.

Highly Recommended by me.

All the Best

Martin "Martini" Grams (12/01/2007)

Here is another review for the latest Magicbob creation #7, "Harry & Bess."

Before I describe this to you, I have to say that I have been having a blast putting these effects together.  This is the type of stuff that I just love.  The creativity here is superb, and the effects are all winners, and none are beyond the average magician's ability to make.  Most important of all, YOU WILL USE THESE TRICKS!

A card box is turned into a metamorphosis trunk, (it hinges open much like a standard card box prop would), but there is a hole through both sides, which is important to keep in mind.  A queen of hearts, to represent Bess Houdini with a hole in her center, is placed inside and a piece of rope is passed through locking her inside.  The case is left partially opened so you can see everything is fair and above board here.

The case is closed and banded with several rubber bands locking Bess inside.

Now Harry, being represented by a king of spades with a hole in his center, is rested on the top of the box while a spectator or two can hold the ends of the rope.  A hank is brushed in front of the case and card and instantly Bess is free of the case and rope.  When the rubber bands are removed, and the case opened, there inside is Harry and he is securely inside with the rope running right through him as well.  Not only do the cards switch places inside the case, but the ropes ends never leave the spectators hands, and when you make this up and use it, you will find it just about self working.

You get a 21 page e-book that again gives you a material list of everything you will need, and step by step directions for making everything you need, complete with 26 photos giving all the details.  I have said it before and I'll say it again, Bob has not only created some outstanding magic here, but his instructions and construction details are the finest I have seen in magic today.

It took me a couple of weeks to get to this review as I was busy lecturing and attending a couple conventions, but once I got back, I sat down and assembled this prop in about two hours, taking my time as I went along.  I highly recommend this, and also recommend that you order the whole package from Bob because once you make one up, you'll want to make them all.

This gets a 10 out of 10.

All the Best

Evan Shuster (12/29/2007)

Okay, to be perfectly honest... I love card tricks. I am also an avid gaff maker. Put the two together and I can't imagine anyone not loving this book.

Bob has created a series of exceptionally clever tricks, coupling unique gaffs with premises that reach far beyond the "pick-a-card" standard. The items in the book pay tribute to a variety of classic stage illusions, bringing them off the stage and into the hands of the close-up worker.

There are ten effects in total and although some are better than others you will be hard pressed to find any "dogs" among the bunch. In addition to the ten terrific effects, the reader is treated to a tutorial on card printing using a standard ink-jet printer. The tutorial and the included, highly original graphic designs are, alone, pretty well worth the cost of the book, making the total package an absolute bargain.

Other points to keep in mind:

- If you don't enjoy constructing and printing the required props then this book may not be for you (unless you are content with simply reading the wonderfully constructed .pdf files and absorbing the ideas without the desire to perform the tricks)... still worth the price!

- You will need a few inexpensive craft supplies, blank faced cards, access to an ink-jet printer, and a few other items to produce the necessary gaffs.

This e-book gets my highest recommendation. I'm eagerly looking forward to more of Bob's material in the (hopefully) near future.



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