The "I Hate Card Tricks"

Book of Card Tricks


 Greetings, All!

A very good friend once told me that the essential ingredient of successful magic is simplicity.  Most people like to be entertained by magic, but if it is complicated, the tricks will become problems instead of magic.  The magic needs to look innocent while still being two steps ahead.
What you are about to read fits this mold to perfection.  Bob has taken stage illusions in all of their complexity, shrunk them down to close-up done with playing cards, and then fine tuned the workings and handlings to simplicity.  In short, Bob has taken away all the complications and not only puts you two steps ahead, but miles ahead.
As I read and made up each effect, I marveled at how fine tuned each of these creations was.  I have spent many years playing with cards and making gaffs.  Never in all of my years have I seen anything as clean, clearly described, and as powerful as the effects in "I Hate Card Tricks."
While I have my personal favorites, every one of the effects in this book will captivate your audience and most important of all... entertain.
Do not make the mistake of just reading this and putting it aside.  Take the time to make each effect up and try it out.  There is something here to please every card buff who shares a deep love for entertaining card magic.  I anxiously await the next Magicbob creation, but he will really have to work extra hard to top "I Hate Card Tricks."

Marty "Martini" Grams





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