#6. Torn & Restored Comic / Coloring Book Pages

by Jim Gerrish

Torn and Restored Newspapers don’t work well for kids only because they find newspapers uninteresting. Tear a comic book, however, and you get the attention of the teens and under who are into comic books. You can see that at once from the photo below. The kids are attracted to the colors and the cartoon images of familiar superheroes.

For the younger audience, a coloring book can have the same effect, and yes, it is possible to combine this effect with my standard coloring book effect (#4 ). If you want to combine this effect with a commercial coloring book trick, you have to be willing to bear the additional expense of buying duplicates, but with my version, which uses Dollar Store coloring books, the expense is minimal.

Wiz kid Qua-Fiki demonstrates the effect on video, and includes a subtlety that he invented which has been added to the e-Book.

Comic Book Effect:

A small stack of comics is shown and a spectator picks one. The spectator chooses a page from the comic book and his chosen page is pulled from the comic book. You hand the page to the spectator who chose it, and ask him to “autograph the page” for you, because he is about to become as famous as the comic artists who drew it. You ask him also to sign near the corner of the page, and then tear off the corner so that half his signature is on the torn piece and the rest on the larger piece.

Then you begin to tear the comic book page into two pieces, four pieces, eight pieces, etc. As a math “lesson” have the kids call out how many pieces (or fractions) you have, each time you fold and tear the page.

When the page has been torn up so that all the pieces are about the size of the torn corner the spectator is still holding, tell the audience you were only kidding… that you would never tear up a comic book, especially one as valuable as this one has become signed by the famous (name of spectator). As you say this, you are opening the torn pieces back up and showing that the comic book page is now completely restored, including the (now) famous signature. The spectator verifies his signature and shows that the torn corner he is still holding fits exactly into the larger piece. You’d restore that corner for him too, but since it was torn by the famous (name of spectator), it is far more valuable if he just takes the comic page home as it is and frames it for all to see.

Coloring Book Effect:

I usually do this before doing the usual coloring book trick where the colors are magically added. You are naturally free to make your own choices in this matter as to when to do this effect, but if you have ever been plagued by children in the audience who take one look at the coloring book and begin saying “I know that trick! I got one in my cereal box!” this new effect will stop them in their tracks.

I show the coloring book, uncolored, and have a child choose a page by sticking his hand (or arm) into the book as I flip the pages. I then tear out the page he has chosen and ask the boys and girls to name and remember some of the characters they see on the page. I hand the child helper a crayon and ask him if he can write his name, and if he can, to do so on the page he chose. I don’t bother with the corner tear with this age of children, but that could also be done if desired.

Then I tear the pages into two, four, eight, sixteen pieces and then I usually stop the counting “lesson” and just finish tearing the page into “itsy bitsy” pieces.

I have the child helper take the torn pieces and wave the crayon which he is still holding over the pieces, and the page begins to magically come back together again as he and I open it up together and show that even my helper’s name has been restored.

Now that you have done the torn and restored coloring book page trick, you can, if you wish, go back to the original book and fill it up with colors, etc.

Included as an extra bonus is my Gift Wrap paper tear, which makes a nice stand-alone effect for use with a child who is having a birthday.

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