The Choo Choo Train Illusion
By Jim Gerrish

This Illusion is ideal for any themes of “Magical Journeys.” The Choo Choo Train packs up small and fits in that round red bag shown as an insert in the picture. Because it starts small and flat and ends up the same way, it is ideal even for children’s birthday party shows in someone’s living room, as long as you have space for it when it is expanded. It holds several children and so it is ideal for an audience participation Illusion. Once it is expanded, you can allow kids to go inside and bring out any balloon animals they find. Of course they find nothing, so you have them form a ring around the Magic Choo Choo and chant the Choo Choo rhythm, and balloon animals appear in the windows and hop out to be given away to your helpers. Then you can produce several "Conductors" whom you "recruited" earlier to participate in the illusion and when they crawl out of the Choo Choo, they can help you distribute balloon animals from the train.

This is a very versatile Illusion in that it can be used to produce large numbers of participating children, or just one or two. You could, for instance, produce a school's magic club or drama class, or a dance school's dancers, or a sports team. Obviously, this is not for the high school football team, but for kids from kindergarten to perhaps middle school size. If used in this fashion, the kids need a rehearsal so they know how to participate, and they all promise to keep the secret of how they appeared inside the "Magic" Choo Choo.

The Choo Choo itself can be purchased from many sources, in toy stores and on-line (sources are given in the e-Book). It will cost between $20.00 and $40.00 as of November 2015. There are other parts that you will need to build from hardboard, cardboard, foamboard or plywood. These are described in the e-Book. These kind of toys are usually a fad and temporary, so if you think you might want to perform this any time in the future, you’d better get one now while you still can.

#9. The Choo Choo Train Illusion Instructions

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