The Hardboard and Duct Tape Magic Show

Book Four

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Two Foot by Four Foot Illusions (The illusions are not that big, but they are all made from 2’ x 4’ pieces of hardboard and conveniently fold down to that size for transportation.

Planned so far:

  • Santa’s Fireplace

  • Ghostbuster’s Haunted House ***

  • Birthday Box ***

  • Boy to Rabbit, etc.

  • Tales From the Crypt

  • Shadow Boxing

  • East Indian Rope Trick in Miniature

  • Grant's Human X-Ray

  • Find the Queen Illusion

  • Three Little Pigs Illusion

Each Book will be available for $40.00 for all 10 articles, once the Book is complete.

*** Planning to make a "magic kit" for a youngster who is just starting out in magic? The tricks marked with three red asterisks are good for that purpose! Also consider just giving the kid the materials, all cut out and ready to be constructed with your help!


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Jim's other book is all about building Illusions (and some Illusionettes) from PVC Pipes. It is available HERE!