Pass Through Tubes

The concept of the “Pass-Through Tube” is very old, going back to the Organ Pipes and perhaps further back in time than that. The first mention in print of the Organ Pipes is from Professor Hoffman in Later Magic (1904). This e-Book explores four new uses of the principle as used by Percy Abbott, Edwin Hooper, Ken Savage, Ian Adair, and as adapted by me for new portability and reduced weight when made from hardboard and duct tape.

The main improvement to the effect, made over time, was in reducing the number of tubes from around eight to two, as in the Buddha Tubes of Percy Abbott, or to a single tube and a box as in three effects by Edwin Hooper based on ideas from Ian Adair and Ken Savage produced by Supreme Magic in the 1980's known as the Rainbow Box, the Bunny Gift Surprise, and The Magic Livestock Machine.

New Rainbow Box Surprise

If you're looking for a prop that can be used to produce livestock, at least three of these variations work for producing animals from hamsters to dogs and everything in between. All of them are fairly easy to make in a weekend from hardboard and duct tape. Some can even be made from lightweight foamboard, depending on the load you want to produce.


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