Balloon to Dove Tray/Table

by Jim Gerrish

If a magician is going to burst a balloon and find a live dove inside, the first preference for method is a simple dove production using a dove concealed up the sleeve or a dove on a harness concealed in a jacket dove pocket.

The magician would blow up a balloon, then using a pin or tack on a thumb band or thumb tip, would burst the balloon directly in front of him while shooting the un-harnessed dove out of his sleeve at the spot where the balloon was, or by pulling the harnessed dove out of the jacket dove pocket into the hands that were holding the balloon before it burst. That’s magic!

However, this simple and direct method is not always possible, and for special occasions and for special reasons, the magician may need a dove tray or table to do the job. The tray is only useful if you have an assistant who can carry it on and operate it. The thin tray can be shown on both sides after the balloon bursts and the dove appears. Turning the tray into a table makes it possible to perform the effect without an assistant.

This version of Dove Tray/Table does NOT use the Brunel White flip-flap exchange device and so is not meant for transforming gloves to doves, but is based on the VERY thin tray method proposed by Ian Adair in 1963. It is practical and easy to construct from inexpensive materials.


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