Upchurch's Double Vanishing Glasses

by Jim Gerrish

This advertisement was taken from the L.L. Ireland Magic Catalog Number 9, 1942-43 edition. I am still trying to determine how far back the effect actually dates, and who Mr. Upchurch was. My version, with improvements, dates from 1961.

Effect: (almost the same as described in the advertisement above)

Your assistant brings forward a tray made of 1/8 inch thick hardboard with simple decorative edging. On the tray are two (or more) glass tumblers (made of real glass, or plastic). You can pick up the tumblers and show the tray on both sides if you wish. Then, each tumbler is picked up and filled with any liquid you wish. You take a sheet of newspaper and cover the glasses for a moment, then lift the glasses up beneath the newspaper and walk forward towards the audience.

Suddenly you crush the newspaper and show that the glasses and liquid have vanished. If you wish, you can then produce something else from the newspaper, like doves, or bouquets of Spellbinder's realistic spring flowers.

You then toss your finale production items towards your assistant who has been standing off to one side of the stage with the tray. He or she lifts the thin tray and catches the items on it before exiting, thus dispelling any notions that the glasses of liquid might somehow be hidden in or behind the tray.

Spellbinder's Note: Jim also includes the history of every water glass vanish from 1876 to the present, then starts in on bowl of water vanishes. Some old geezers can never stop talking or writing about magic, and Jim manages to fill up 27 pages with magic information, secrets, and history. I used to be his assistant for this trick back in 'da day, and I can certify that audiences were dumbfounded when he (and I) made those glasses filled with liquid vanish without a trace or a clue as to where they went.


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