Double Door Dove(s) to Rabbit Box

by Jim Gerrish

This is the most animal friendly production/ transformation that I know. I built this primarily because I once worked with a very timid rabbit. This particular production box doesn’t require that the rabbit be confined in a bag, or carried about too much. You don’t even have to lift the cage out of the box at the end, but can simply build a side door in both box and cage to release the rabbit if desired. If changing a dove (or doves) to a rabbit, the doves are also gently handled by the apparatus so wings and beaks don’t get caught in the process. Both the cage and the double-door box can then be used to contain the animals backstage until the end of the show.


The magician shows a box with double doors in front. He opens the doors and shows that the box contains an empty cage. He lifts the cage out of the double-door box (it has no top) and places a silk or dove(s) inside the cage. He then lowers the cage back into the double door box. After saying the magic words, etc., the doors are opened to reveal that instead of a silk or dove(s), the cage now holds a live rabbit. The cage and rabbit are lifted out of the double-door box and if desired, the rabbit can be removed for petting, etc.


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