Visible Vanish

by Jim Gerrish

Originally published in Genii Magazine, Volume 25, 1960

Once, when I was working on a routine for a magic contest, I found myself faced with the common problem — what to do with that rabbit after producing him. So I combined a few magic principles and built a rabbit cage that could be used in many various and sundry ways. Incidentally, a show came up unexpectedly and I had to withdraw from the contest to keep the date so I can't actually say that this trick is a prizewinner, but it IS a handy piece of apparatus. It can be used for the disappearance of livestock, or to cause a change in the color of silks, for a change or production of spring flowers, and so on.

That was then, this is now. I made the box of masonite back then. Today I’m making it of hardboard in a smaller size for doves. What’s new? VelcroŽ! Although it was patented in 1951, it was not widely available until the 1980’s (after David Letterman proclaimed it “the miracle fabric of the 80’s” on nationwide TV).

Also new is an alternate version that ties in nicely to the Flip-Over Box from Book 1 of this series. In fact, I now have four versions or variations on my own Visible Vanish theme, all described, diagramed and explained in the article.


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