Magic House of Mystery

by Jim Gerrish

The Parker Swan Dollhouse is based on the Jack Gwynne Spee-Dee Rabbit Production. Both props suffer from a basic flaw- they are not very deceptive. The three-fold screen is brought out for each prop and obviously is hiding SOMETHING. Let’s see if we can improve on that concept.

It can be a box, a house, a castle, a cottage, a gingerbread house, a circus tent, a barn, or even a space ship. You build it yourself, so you decide. I’m making mine a Magic Shop that will hold all the mysteries I wish to perform as I make them appear from the miniature shop.

My three-fold screen will be able to double as a table all during the show. Unlike the screens designed by Gwynne and Swan, mine will have open grill-work at the top, so you can see straight through to the back wall behind the table…most of the time.

This is one of the larger props and requires three to four sheets of two-foot by four-foot hardboard to build. Depending on how fancy you want to decorate your house, it may require other materials as well. If you were to buy one of these ready-made you would expect to pay hundreds of dollars and not get something as beautiful and as detailed as one you can make yourself for $50 or less.


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