Dollar Store Magic 2: Chapter 5

Dying Silk Gimmicks

A Silk Dying effect differs from a Color Changing Silk effect in that more than one silk changes color, and there may be many color changes. In a Color Changing Silk effect, only one silk changes color, from one color to another and possibly back again. Naturally, as with all rules, there are exceptions.

by Professor Spellbinder

This is an e-Book that shows you how to make your own Dying Silk gimmicks from Dollar Store materials. You can either use conventional magician's silks, or use the silk scarves you can find in most Dollar Stores. This e-Book then expands on the subject of silk dying by explaining how to perform the color changes with ropes, ribbons or streamers as well as with silk squares. It also mixes liquids and flowers into some of the effects.

Explains how to make gimmicks and perform:

1. Toothbrush Holder Dye Tube
2. Cardboard Dye Tube
3. Al Baker’s Dye Tube Revisited
4. Soft Soap (Plus Wizard Washing Machine!)
5. Liquid Dye Tube
6. Rope Dye Tube
7. Dye Tube Chain of Flags/ Pennants
8. Dye Tube Spring Flowers


Dying Silk Gimmicks $5.00

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