Dollar Store Magic 2: Chapter 4

Color Changing Silk Gimmicks

A Color Changing Silk effect differs from a Dye Tube Silk effect in that only one silk changes color, from one color to another and possibly back again. In Dye Tube effects, more than one silk changes color, and there may be many color changes. Naturally, as with all rules, there are exceptions.

by Professor Spellbinder

This is an e-Book that shows you how to make your own color changing silk gimmicks from Dollar Store materials. You can either use conventional magician's silks, or use the silk scarves you can find in most Dollar Stores. Magic Nook Demonstrator Frederick Goode shows just one of the effects you will learn from this e-Book in the video below. Purchasers of the e-Book will have temporary access to learning videos that explain the more complex moves.

Note: This video has audio. Adjust your volume accordingly.

Explains how to make gimmicks and perform:

1. Tarbell’s Self-Contained CC Silk
2. Zebra Silk and Polka Dot Silk Variations
3. Color Changing Silk Tube Gimmick
4. Ping Pong Ball CC Variations
5. Thumbtip used as a color change gimmick
6. CC Silks and Wand
7. Card Silk & Ultimate Monte CC
8. Little Wonder CC Silk
9. Color Changing Neck Tie


Color Changing Silks Gimmicks $5.00

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